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Piggy Pajamas is more than PJ's. It’s more than sleepwear.  It’s the life and times of three Santa Barbara women, working to make their sense of comfort, style, and sustainability a reality for everyone who values a good pair of pajamas…for work, play and sleep.

Piggy Pajamas is the mother of three, rushing to make each car-pool stop, fitting in a quick stop to the Farmer’s Market and the Vet on the way home to cook dinner and make some yogurt for tomorrow’s breakfast…all while running a business from her iPhone.

Piggy Pajamas is the first-time mom, navigating the bliss and trials of working from home, and the art of balancing a toddler, husband, and dog in the mix. A thirty-something gal on-the-go to the zoo, park, and coffee-shop, while taking emails and calls. A would-be lounge singer who missed her calling, but does a mean rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Piggy Pajamas is the twenty-something free spirit, always ready for a softball game or a concert at the Santa Barbara bowl. She plays hard in the sun and snow, and works hard to satisfy Piggy customers. The quintessential renaissance woman, she photographs, she designs, she crunches numbers, and she can move any piece of furniture you need moved.

Join the “three little piggies” of Santa Barbara, and make Piggy Pajamas part of your lifestyle. For work, play, and sleep.